Attendance Roster

On Monday, June 24th, you will receive a copy of your class roster for attendance purposes. An administrator will be around to pick up the attendance roster by 9 a.m. for the first 4 days of class. Please mark anyone absent with a “/”.

We will be calling all those absent to see if they are still planning to attend. If you see a student, you are to count them as present. It is crucial that you count a student as attending even if they do not stay for class.

Attendance should be taken twice a day, in the morning and after lunch. If a student is absent after lunch, instructor should call student’s parent to report it.

An instructor should call a student’s parent after 2 absences.

Please send any students not listed on your roster to Wendy Gile’s office in the Student Service Center, Building 500.

Also, check that all name spellings, home schools, grade status, etc. are correct. Double-check the student’s school; it needs to be the name of the school they are attending in the fall. Please indicate on the attendance roster any corrections that need to be made.