Field Trip Procedures and Requirements

Pre-Field Trip Procedures
Complete and turn in a CTA Program Activity Request form to Jan and if a school bus is being requested a Bus and/or Van Request form also needs to be completed and turned in to Jan by Monday June 24th.  Jan will verify transportation availability and obtain the administrator’s signature.

After the administrator approves your field trip, teacher fills out a CTA Parent Field Trip Permission Form. Please list all field trips on one form and distribute this form to students one week prior to trip, if possible. Signed parent/guardian field trip forms must be turned in to the instructor before the student can participate in the field trip. Continue to check on students’ progress in getting proper signatures leading up to the day of the field trip. Please refer to Day of Field Trip-Required Items instructions below for proper handling of this form.

If you will have chaperones accompanying you on your field trip, chaperones are required to complete or have on file an Evergreen School District Chaperones Expectations and Guidelines Authorization. The chaperone packet should be turned in to Jan either before or on the day of your trip.

Day of Field Trip – Required Items- Before the bus leaves the school the following items are required to be turned in to Melissa Downing in the Student Service Center, Building 500, and also brought with you on the field trip. It is important that the office knows who is on the field trip, the destination, departure and return times, etc.

1) Attendance Roster: Take attendance before leaving on the bus, make a copy of the attendance roster and turn this copy in to Melissa Downing BEFORE the bus leaves.Teachers must also bring the attendance roster with them on the field trip in order to take attendance before the bus returns to school.

2) Field Trip Permission Forms: Students will not be allowed to attend a field trip without a signed parent/guardian field trip permission form on file with the office. Teachers are to copy the forms and turn in the original set to Melissa; the teacher brings the copied set on the field trip. If the signed field trip forms lists all trips and their detailed information, then teachers will only need to turn in one set of field trip forms to Melissa.

3) Health Emergency Contact Information Forms:Teachers are required to bring a copied set of the Health Emergency Contact Information forms with them on every field trip. The original set is expected to be turned in to Melissa by Wednesday, June 26th.

If you have a student who will NOT be going on a field trip with you and who will be staying behind at Cascadia Tech Academy, you will need to provide Melissa Downing with the student’s name and location on campus. You will also need to provide assignments for the student to work on.