Field Trips

All field trips must have definite educational value and serve as a supplement to the instructional program of the school and the individual classroom.  Each trip should be treated in the same manner in which a teacher would treat a regular classroom assignment.  There should be preliminary planning by the teacher and students so that all students will know exactly why they are going, where they are going, what they are to observe and how this relates to the daily classroom instructional program.  After the trip is completed there should be adequate follow-up so that the knowledge and experience gained from the trip becomes a part of the learning experience.

Please see Field Trip Procedures for more details.

When bus transportation is provided, all participating students are to ride to and from the event in the bus, no exceptions to this rule are allowed.  Each bus is to have a staff chaperone.

If you are planning on taking your class on a field trip(s) and have not already turned in paperwork, they must be turned in by the first day of summer school, Monday, June 24th.

The following forms must be turned in to Jan in order for arrangements to be made for your trip:  CTA Bus and/or Van Request, CTA Program Activity Request and for some trips a Staff Travel Request and Authorization.  Remember that a CTA Parent Field Trip Permission Form is needed for each student, completed and signed with a parent/guardian’s signature.

Before leaving on your field trip, a copy of the signed student permission forms must be turned in to Melissa Downing, the summer school secretary.  The original signed student permission forms must be taken with you on the trip as well as a copy of each student’s Health and Emergency Contact Information.

Chaperones are required to complete or have on file an Evergreen School District Chaperones Expectations and Guidelines Authorization. The Chaperone packet should be turned in to Jan either before or on the day of your field trip.