Grading Policy


90 – 100% A
80 – 89% B
70 – 79% C
0 – 69% NC (No credit)
(No “D” grades will be given.)

A.       An “NC” will be given when a student has earned a final percentage less than 70%.

B.        Your grading criteria and course outline must be turned in to Joan Huston and posted in your classroom by Wednesday, June 26th. Parent signature on grading criteria is strongly advised.

C.        No student will receive a “NC” unless a progress report is mailed to student’s parent at least five days before the end of the session. Copies of progress reports are to be sent through the Student Service Center, building 500.

D.        Reporting of grades and attendance must be turned in to the registrar before you check out on the last day of class. Please turn in the following items:

  1. Attendance record page to include total number of absences and tardies.
  2. Grade record page to include final percentage and final letter grade and documentation to support the grade.
  3. A copy of your grading criteria.
  4. Grade report forms.