Required Forms

The following forms were mailed to students prior to the start of Summer school:

Students are to bring these forms with them to class on the first day of attendance completed with parent/guardian signature. Extra student forms will be available in the Student Services Center, building 500. For information on what to do with these forms after students turn these into you, please refer to the document, Summer School Forms and What to do with them.

Summer School Health and Emergency Contact Information
Instructors are to make a copy of these forms for the classroom and are required to bring this set with them on all field trips. The original copies of the completed Health and Emergency Contact Information forms are to be turned in to Melissa Downing in the Student Service Center by Wednesday, June 26th.  No student is allowed to work in the lab area without this form on file in the Student Service Center office after Thursday, June 27th.  Instructors should alphabetize these forms by last name prior to making copies.

Summer School Conduct Policy / Computer, Internet, Electronic Device, and Communication Use Agreement (2-sided form)
Teachers should collect the signed forms from students and keep these on file in the classroom.  Both sides of this form must be signed by the student and parent/guardian. A student should not be allowed access to computers, the internet, and other electronic devices without this signed form on file.

Please teach the summer school conduct policies and post these forms in the classroom. Remind students that there is no smoking on or near the campus, including on 28th Street in the front of Cascadia Tech Academy. Also, students are not allowed “in the woods” behind Cascadia Tech Academy at any time unless accompanied by an instructor.