Learn Career Skills

Students oftentimes have a general career interest but can’t see how the courses they are taking in high school really fit. Others have a clear vision for their future and can’t wait to get started. Both situations provide the motivation to learn.

Enter Cascadia Technical Academy.

At Cascadia Tech, the combination of real-world experience and hands-on professional training in our highly sought after careers is at the core of our mission. Our team of experienced instructors work closely with each student to take their developing interests and plant seeds of passion, purpose, professionalism. Through this, we can help launch students into exciting careers or on to post-secondary learning opportunities. The key to their success is that at Cascadia Tech, our students are taught by industry experts who design programs that help students work toward understanding and meeting rigorous industry standards.  After high school, students are then capable of stepping into 21st century career situations with the abilities and attitudes to effectively solve problems, work as part of a team and apply their knowledge with passion and insight.

Cascadia Technical Academy’s programs provide:

  • Community volunteer opportunities
  • Hands-on learning that motivate student learning and build critical thinking skills
  • Ability to earn college credits and industry-specific certifications and licenses
  • Opportunities for scholarships and internships
  • Preparation in surveying industry growth trends, work environments, and training needed for specific careers
  • On-site jobs in real-world businesses and industries

No matter what program/pathway they pursue, students leave Cascadia Tech with a well-rounded view of what their career path could look like with the skills and attitudes necessary to succeed. This means they’re a step ahead of their peers and have the confidence they need to enter the workforce and meet its demands with success.

At Cascadia Technical Academy, we are proud to make learning come alive for our students.