E-Waste Recycling

All Washington State school buildings are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are not receiving any electronic donations until classes resume in hybrid model and state rules regarding community contact with students.

Please Do Not Drop Off Items Without Prior Arrangement.

Feel free to email ray.nelson@evergreenps.org with questions about donation items.  Depending on the return to school date and assets. Storage space is limited during Remote Learning 2.0.

We use Earth Friendly Recycling for all our disposal needs after students process equipment.

Please check out http://www.earthfriendlyrecycling.net/ as a direct recycle option. They are open for drop offs M-F 11-4 and Saturday 10-2.



To learn more about the harmful effects of e-waste to our environment and to learn why e-recycling is so important, check out this article from TechRepublic.com.

This year’s special event: Tentative Spring 2021

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