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Enrolling Now 20-21!

New On-Line Application Process Opens Feb. 6th at 7 am and Closes March 11th at 12 am.

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Step by Step Instructions

Summer School information coming soon. Registration opens May 1st at 7 am.

All Cascadia Technical Academy programs are available for Home School, GED, Private School student enrollment.

If you are a Home School, GED or Private School student and are interested in a tour of Cascadia Tech programs, please call to schedule at 360-604-1050.

If your student is interested in attending CTA, please see your resident district high school counselor or contact our Registrar, Wendy Gile (360) 604-1064 for more information.  Limited space and programs available.

How do I apply?

Benefits of attending Cascadia Tech:

Students who attend Cascadia Tech are exposed to many benefits that other students may not receive, such as:

  • Earning college credit!
  • Obtaining industry certification!
  • Participating in onsite internships!
  • Gain valuable skills at no cost!
  • Save money on college tuition and other training!

In addition, students can:

  • earn required occupational education credit for graduation
  • earn high school credits
  • earn equivalency credits for certain academic courses

Enrollment Criteria:

  • Must be 15 years old, and/or have a high school junior or senior standing.
  • Students are eligible to attend CTA up to age 21. If turning 21 after school starts, students can complete the school year.
  • Private School students are eligible to attend CTA if the private school operated within the CTA service area – Clark County & Woodland.
  • Once a student has graduated and/or received a high school diploma, they are no long eligible to attend Cascadia Tech.

Contact our Registrar Wendy Gile @ (360) 604-1064 for more information.