Professionalism and Passion

We believe that professionalism and passion go hand in hand. Our courses are built on helping students find their passion, and we work closely to teach them the professionalism that is needed for success in whatever career field they choose to work in.

Cascadia Technical Academy helps students find what they’re passionate about.
As educators, one of the most rewarding parts of our work is seeing students discovering their passion. Our programs are designed to help students turn that passion into a career and help them envision a successful and productive future. Whether it’s a passion for cooking, repairing vehicles, helping people, building houses or working with computers, we’re able to show them that those passions can be their life’s work. Our programs help students become self-motivated in each of their projects by putting their own creative touches on them.  Through this, they take ownership of what they’ve created and are proud of what they have put their hands and minds to, thus reflecting their passion in what they’re doing.

Cascadia Technical Academy provides students the professional skills needed to succeed.
Reliability, dedication, and hard work are the cornerstones of professionalism and these are the most important life skills our team of educators work to impart. We help students rise to our expectations of professional behavior because they understand that it will help them be a success in their next steps as an adult in the workforce. Cascadia Technical Academy offers non-traditional classroom settings that mimic real-life work environments, which helps students begin the transformation into becoming the professional that they aspire to.

Cascadia Technical Academy focuses on relationship building.
We focus on building relationships with students so we can work with them on maximizing their passions and potential. To do this, we work to make learning come alive in each of our programs. Professionalism and passion is evident in how we engage with our students and how our educators demonstrate their own passion for the industry they teach and work in.

At Cascadia Technical Academy, we are proud to make learning come alive for our students.