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Good Career

Teaching students to be prepared to enter sought after careers is the core of the Cascadia Tech mission.  Our courses are designed to help students learn the technical skills and abilities to become valuable employees.

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Prepare for College

There are so many post-secondary learning opportunities available today. Cascadia Tech students gain powerful skills and experiences that will help you succeed in whatever pathway you choose.

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Professionalism and Passion

Our courses are built on teaching students the professionalism that is needed for success in the world of work.  Cascadia Tech students also find their passion for their future through their course of study.

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Cascadia Technical Academy (formerly Clark County Skills Center)

For more than thirty years the Clark County Skills Center has provided students of southwest Washington with the necessary professional skills and technical knowledge to enter high demand occupations with confidence and pride.  This tradition of excellence continues today and will remain our core purpose moving forward.

That said, our world has changed in significant ways over the past three decades and we have too.  This is why we have rebranded the Skills Center into Cascadia Technical Academy as a way to more accurately reflect the opportunities we provide students who are preparing for an ever-widening variety of pathways available to them in the 21st Century.  

Put simply, our new name of Cascadia Technical Academy better reflects who we are and what we do for students as Clark County’s premier learning opportunity for students preparing to be both Career and College ready in the 21st Century.

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Next Steps...

We invite you to learn more about Cascadia Technical Academy and all that we have to offer students.  Please contact us for more information or to set up a tour of our school.